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14 risposte a Destiny: The Taken King | Legendary Edition Trailer | PS4, PS3

  • Someone please add me so I can play this with someone.

  • What I've I have destiny and both dlc, I can't find just the taken king anywhere

  • I'm afraid that i will fall back into destiny. I better not gonna start this one.

  • Question! I have House of Wolves, but not The Dark Below. Will I have to buy The Dark Below to use The Taken King content?

  • this is the point at which the game should be released at

  • I'm not sure if this game is worth getting into, i'd appreciate some opinions.

  • Please make it possible for psn user to send an in game captured clip to another user.

  • is h1z1 coming to @ps4

  • The Taken Wallet DLC

    Are you ready for the fight of your life, Guardian?
    You killed Crota and Now Oryx HAS COME FOR YOUR WALLET.

    – Experience recycled levels,
    – Old enemies
    – Broken gameplay.
    – Unbalanced multiplayer
    – No dedicated servers.
    – same weapons with different colors and names or with a few exterior add on
    and armors that look ridiculously stupid with dumb names
    – A RNG system that will make you think that nothing is ever random.
    – No new vault space to store new weapons. Which weapons will you keep? And how many 100's will you delete?

    Oryx has come to wreck your wallet, Guardian. BEND OVER AND TAKE IT LIKE A CHAMP! Brought to you by Bungievision!

    Pre order now, year one guardians get a crappy shader, emblem, and sparrow. And to all the new guardians out there get everything, yes EVERYTHING! for half the price as our loyal community! Also you get cooler preorder bonuses that vanilla players don't.


    March 25, 2016 Destiny's Next Expansion.

    Are you ready for the fight of your life, Guardian?
    You killed Oryx and now Oryx's Grandpa HAS COME FOR YOUR WALLET. Bend over guardian and take it like a champ!

  • Those who waited are some smart people (:

  • Some people question why I wait eight to ten months buying a game. Well, here is the reason. Why buy a game on the first day when you know a definitive edition, or something of equal value to it will be coming soon. However, I still don't plan to buy this game any time soon.

  • for new players this is the time to get this game, i bought this in year 1 and sold the game due to lack of content, but now imma buy it

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