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20 risposte a Star Wars Battlefront: Fighter Squadron Mode – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

  • meow says to Sony playstation corporation (s) and to Sony playstation of America : gee : I could and did try to give you my email address but I forgot my password. yeah. And public forums like google + & google Youtube not a good place to do that part at. I'm using an old ps3 at 80 gigabytes. so : the reason why I wanted to contact you was to ask you some questions about some computer vocaloid software that be not the computer video games for Sony playstation 3 & 4 ; but be the actual voice synthesizer software like from cryption future media corporation and from zero G corporation and etc., like mew and savanna and etc., & yeah. & I'm not really sure yet which would be best for me yet. so I was & am trying to ask the Sony corporations if they have &/or have knowledge of any that also works on Sony playstation 3 since I do not have a Sony playstation 4 and how much it would all cost including tax and since I would want it permenantly stored on disk and not risk it being lost through the internet downloads with zero refunds ; & so I'd have a better idea how much money I'd need to spend and save up for it and how long it would take me to save up for it from a few months to a year or longer if ever ; if I can even do that now! I would of called you Sony : except I hate the computer automated answering machine systems that may &/or may not work with my home phone! I do not plan to ever have nor use a cellphone never again because I never want to try to read and type with such & with their small screens even if some folks decide its against the law to never do so! I love apparently and am willing to text and type on computerized internet tablets between 7 and 9 inches display screens because I'm doing it now apparently! I'm still in the middle apparently of switching my home phone services from Cox communications over unto us cellular. us cellular offered me a home phone wireless service plus a 7 inch LG us cellular combo deal at a price per month in a two year contract I thought I could pay off per month so I accepted the deal. I have Cox internet and Cox advanced TV with no apple ipad nor google nexus 7 nor better tablet to use with it : is it because of Cox dsnl server connected to it? so by me having almost spent my grocery budget for a month that I took out of savings I was able to get a netgear nighthawk 1900 Ac to use with this before us cellular talked me into this deal! apparently Cox automated computerized answering machine system does not really work with Cox home phone service they set me up with anyways & I'm apparently lousy and terrible at talking with Cox service representatives on the phone & google Youtube and g+ is not really set up for normal communication purposes between merchants and their customers in typed text nor through videos and I don't really know yet about google hangouts yet! oh gee what a terrible scary mess this is! oh well. & I can receive calls to us cellular home phone base but I can not yet send phone calls with us cellular home base yet! & yeah. and well ; I'd try to dare live and exist without a home phone if I could in order to have budget and costs of living expenses freed up for stuff like vocaloid software libraries and editors and cubase and piario studio editor and computer video games and two playstations 3s &/or 4s : one that does and is marked and labeled for Linux software and operating systems only and the other one marked and labeled for nonlinux software and operating systems purposes only ; & because the closed source merchants governments and lawyers and merchants and societies says so ; of which because of this and because the anti-linux closed sources nations and NATO are so damned costly expensive ever increasingly so : I am currently thinking I may have to move to a Linux nation and NATO and cyber society in order to be able to continue live and exist and survive on the poverty shoe string tiny budget I'be barely been existing on all of these years! I do not plan to use credit cards and I can not handle credit cards & I do not plan to use credit cards! a debit card connected unto a checking account of mine sufferers highs and lows financially sometimes per month! I can count and measure and math cash and coins okay. but I can not really count nor math nor measure electronic currencies and debit cards and credit cards ; plus there's also all of those extra costs and fees connected unto electronic transactions and penalty fines they may not tell you about and that one might not be able to have knowledge of or that one might not be aware of that one has to have knowledge about in order to legally have knowledge what one's actual budget limits are so one does not suffer from exceeded credit and debit card limits! & I have no clue yet how bit coins are suppose to work yet nor how simple and /or dangerously near impossible that will be yet! no complaints against LG us cellular G 7.0 tablet thus far and I have zero reasons to cancel LG tablet thus far. it could cost me 149 dollars or so to cancel us cellular home phone base service though. yeah. life sometimes sucks now doesn't't? I do not have a PC nor apple Mac uptown date nor current nor windows 8 nor windows 10 nor Mac osx! so at rate costs and expenses are increasing ; I may soon have no choice but to never use nor buy nor rent closed sourced copyrighted commercial computerized products ever again and if necessary me having to leave all of my worldly and obsolete possessions behind and move into a Linux nation and NATO and only use and learn how to program in Linux open sources freedoms of programming speeches only & because of me having literally ran out of legal currencies to pay all of the costs and ransom monies and currencies all of the what millions or less closed sourced copyrighted and patented commercial folks and employees and employers and small and middle and large and corporate giants all demands that I and other poor folks pay them in order to continue to exist with currencies we never legally had and could never legally obtain in order so they can continue to exist at costs if our and everyone else's existences!?! but laws of man says that's not legally possible to do neither! but they argue if you refuse to drop your selves down into bottomless abyss pits of never ending ever increasing infinite debts we will go out of business and starve to death and have to go live in a homeless shelter with zero clothes on! & you would not want that to happen unto us and you! now would you?!? but us poor folks argue back saying : " but the swarms of credit card merchants says with and without credit card interests rates we have already preexceeded all of our credit limits and are not allowed anymore and loan sharks and loan merchants argue saying none can have loans they can not legally pay back & if loan sharks and loan merchants can not earn legal and /or nonlegal income off of this for all folks to pay all costs of living exspences and debts and to buy stuff from all legal merchants etc so they can use it to pay their own costs of living exspences and debts off with no one is going to be receiving any loans never again and that's final! so wages are not going up to handle increases in everyone's costs of living exspences so folks can not have ability to buy a lot of things and products and services they want and need and what merchants would like for customers to buy and license and services subscriptions to support both customers and merchants alike equally! so poor folks ask Linux NATO democratic nations and NATO help to switch over unto more affordable Linuxes open sources freedoms of programming speeches since the money and credits and loans and bitcoins are ceasing to be available for Linuxes copyrighted and patented etc everything for survival of all equally since there be no other options left legally available unto any one & because the only other nonlegal available option is to have all nations and NATO turn into nonlegal criminal thieving pirates and turn into honorable thieves and risk death and executions and life imprisonments and torches since folks are being forced into deaths and starvation and homelessness and nakedness for crimes of being poor and mentally crippled and for crimes of not having any legal currency ransom that has been legally obtained to pay off everyone else demanding such from everyone else with little to zero left over to pay for such things as Healthcare insurance and photo is and internet and clothes and food and shelter and shoes and everything else that needs be paid for legally by law! ("oh poor Eliza! do you not comprehend yet that because of all of these missing puzzle pieces in this life support system cluster on this here farm I cannot plug this here hole in this bucket to get water from the well to sharpen this here dull bladed axe to plug this here hole at the bottom of this here bucket to quench your and my thirst for water and to water the plants to grow food with to feed us and our stomachs with and that's why here on this here farm we and all creatures and plants and family in this global village as are family and neighbor relatives are all going to die soon Eliza! Eliza! " but none be willing to ask and receive help from Jewish abelite creator who art in heavens in Jewish Jesus of nazareth's's names for help? if true then why is that so? so third ps3 &/or 4 reserved for use as a massive parallel computer operating Linux system eventually maybe? whom has knowledge for sure? signed meow.

  • When he fate I buy him from E3

  • I'm loving this. can't wait for November.


  • I loved this level in Rogue Squadron as a kid. This kind of gameplay might convince me.

  • ps4 got a glitch won't let me sign onto psn

  • Why is this giving off Killzone vibes.

  • Are there bots? For ppl who have bad connections

  • This looks like a Battlefield rip off.


  • "We're outnumbered!" "NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!" "I didn't I just said we were outnumbered."

  • boossta sou br memo por isso eu só é loko

  • so they just mixing rogue squadron and battlefront together…

  • Still missing Clone Wars!

  • WICKED COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!THE MILLENIUM FALCON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't worry Space Battles will be in the DLC for $39.99 LOL
    The Legion of cash cows will battle you if you resist, The idea of wanting more for your money is something that they can not understand.

  • take my money ! I want to play this asap !!

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