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20 risposte a The Crew Wild Run – Secrets of a Wild Journey | PS4

  • it's awkward how they released and incomplete half-assed game and now they are fixing it. but hey Atleast the game will be actually good right now.

  • Correct if im wrong but wasn't this game a fail ? Or was it a different game

  • Too bad I bought a few cars on that game months ago and still can't get them in the game. Like that 2013 Viper they used in the video

  • The Crew Wild Run sounds like The Witcher Wild hunt

  • Time to jump into The Crew^-^

  • I really liked the game, but after one of the updates, the gsme suffered from MASSIVE hard crashes…so I got rid of it

  • This game would be great if it wasn't required to be online all the time.

  • So it's a new game? Not a dlc?

  • The Witcher Wild Hunt

  • I just don't like the fact that you have to be online to play this game.

  • Slovakia sixday flag on bike :)

  • Will you finally be able to see through the mirrors?

  • I still want mirrors in cockpit view! also come on only 8 players sessions? dats retarded why a gigantic map if u can only see 7 players at the time

  • extremly waiting for it

  • 96th babe n kiss 4 all yall;)

  • ░░█▀░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀███████░░░░

  • The subtitles seem a bit insulting. YouTube has optional subtitles that can be added and even translated or input directly by the uploader.

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